More About Me

Nick is a top producing real estate agent with over a decade of experience in the industry. Over the years his real estate expertise has included residential real estate, large new construction projects, land development, commercial buildings, finance, and mortgages. His clients have ranged from the first time homebuyer, to working directly with developers and investors. This vast experience has given him a unique set of skills that truly lets him provide exceptional services based on each client’s individual needs.

Growing up in a small Midwest town, Nick realized his passion for being an entrepreneur at the age of 12 when he started a profitable lawn care business that lasted through high school. After high school he showed great interest in real estate, so he attended Indiana University for business, then immediately followed with real estate school to obtain his Indiana real estate license in 2009. 

Within six months of being licensed, he was handling commercial buildings and commercial land development transactions, and a year later he further expanded into the residential market. In 2010, with the slow recovering real estate market and the massive boom in the refinance market, it incentivized Nick to further expand his real estate knowledge and acquired his mortgage license.

By 2011, he was offered a position as the lead of a purchase mortgage division at one of the local broker offices in Indiana. During this period he worked with a wide array of clients ranging from first time homebuyers needing credit repair, to large scale investors managing portfolios. He utilized his knowledge as both an agent and lender to hold seminars to educate clients and colleagues on how credit is calculated and maximized, the various mortgage products available, and how they can be combined and leveraged through real estate.

In 2014, he was offered a partnership with his original real estate company so continued his education to acquire his real estate brokers license. The expanding company was in search of opportunities in other markets and recognized Nick’s talent to adapt to new environments, so he accepted the chance to come to Florida to oversee an investment deal and discuss other possible opportunities.

When in Florida, Nick immediately fell in love with the Bay area. He always dreamed of living in a great year-round climate, selling high-end luxury properties, and working with large-scale developers. During the visit, he had a chance to meet with one of the top performing teams in the area and was immediately offered a position on their team. Within a couple of months, he sold everything he owned, packed up his car, and moved across the country to start over in pursuit of his dreams. 

Within 8 months of the move, he landed his first large project with a Tampa Bay residential developer to lead the sales team of a Tampa loft development. The project was a huge success, and sold out in only a few months of its official launch. During construction over the next 4 years, Nick continued to build his connections and manage residential sales outside of the project.

In 2019, the project was complete and he was invited to join Smith & Associates, the industry leaders in luxury sales and development. The company's professionalism, love and involvement in the community, and integrity was a perfect match, so he joined in August of 2019.